Welcome to the Old Rendcombian Web Site, which may be of some interest to the alumni of Rendcomb College.
Rendcomb College near Cirencester, England began in 1920 as an independent boarding school for boys from 11 to 18 and is now a day and boarding school for boys and girls aged between 3 and 18.
See the College's web site here.

Update (1/6/2012) - The web site has been completely redesigned and improved. All the back-end program code has been rewritten, and new features now include high resolution versions of nearly all pictures available for download, and the ability for members to add comments to most photos. Members can also now upload multiple pictures for display on profile pages, and the reunion sign-up feature has been redesigned. The guest book and member directory have been carried over from the old site, so member login names etc. are the same as before. If you encounter any unexpected or erroneous behaviour, please email me at webmaster@rendcombian.org.uk
Please do send in any comments and suggestions you may have (or material which could be added to these pages) to the email address above, or leave a message in the Guest Book.

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If you came here looking for the official Rendcomb College web site, you can find it here.